Pei Wei Asian Diner Menu With Prices [December 2022 Updated]

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Pei Wei Asian Diner is a renowned privately held American fast-casual restaurant chain in the United States which has a specialization in Asian cuisine food. They are offering a lot of varieties on their menus such as entrees, salads, wraps, baked cookies, bowls, chicken, gluten-free, drinks, and a lot more. In this article, I will tell you about Pei Wei Asian Diner Menu With Prices, and much more.

Pei Wei is famous because of its bold – flavors and affordable Asian – inspired menu. They are also offering a kid’s meal menu so that your kid can enjoy their restaurants. They have both deliveries as well as a takeaway so in case you want to eat something tasty at home then you just go and install their mobile app “Pei Wei Online Ordering” and order within seconds.

In this article, I will tell you about the franchise details, headquarters, and many more details. Pei Wei Asian Diner has over 200 restaurant locations in the United States, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, and South Korea. Currently, the headquarter is in Irving, Texas, United States. If anyone wants to open a franchise of Pei Wei Asian Diner then he /she has to wait because they are not currently offering a franchise to anyone.

In this article, I will also tell you about the founders of Pei Wei Asian Diner and where it was started first. The founder of Pei Wei Asian Diner was P. F. Chang’s China Bistro (PFCB) and they opened the first restaurant in Scottsdale, Arizona in the year 2000.

They opened another restaurant in Dallas, Texas, the U.S. in 2001. In the year 2002, they opened a restaurant in Irvine, California. As of 2006, they had 100 restaurants in the United States. They also opened restaurants in Florida, Arizona, the Northeast, and Midwest.

They opened restaurants in Mexico and Kuwait in 2012. Pei Wei Asian Diner was taken over by Centerbridge Partners in 2012. They also opened restaurants in South Korea in 2016. In 2019, Pei Wei Asian Diner was purchased by PWD Acquisition LLC.

Right now, the owner of Pei Wei Asian Diner is Lorne Goldberg and the parent organization is PWD Acquisition LLC. If you are willing and want to experience the best Asian – cuisine food then you must visit Pei Wei Asian Diner. Check out the Pei Wei Asian Diner Menu With Prices and all the other things here.

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Pei Wei Asian Diner Menu With Prices

Pei Wei Asian Diner Menu With Prices
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Wok Fresh Entrees Menu With Prices

Caramel ChickenOriginal$8.69
Caramel ChickenSmall$6.49
Caramel ShrimpOriginal$9.99
Caramel ShrimpSmall$7.99
Caramel SteakOriginal$8.99
Caramel SteakSmall$6.99
Caramel Vegetables & TofuOriginal$8.69
Caramel Vegetables & TofuSmall$6.49
Fried Rice ChickenOriginal$8.69
Fried Rice ChickenSmall$6.49
Fried Rice ShrimpOriginal$9.99
Fried Rice ShrimpSmall$7.99
Fried Rice SteakOriginal$8.99
Fried Rice SteakSmall$6.99
Fried Rice Vegetables & TofuOriginal$8.69
Fried Rice Vegetables & TofuSmall$6.49
Honey Seared ChickenOriginal$8.69
Honey Seared ChickenSmall$6.49
Honey Seared ShrimpOriginal$9.99
Honey Seared ShrimpSmall$7.99
Honey Seared SteakOriginal$8.99
Honey Seared SteakSmall$6.99
Honey Seared Vegetables & TofuOriginal$8.69
Honey Seared Vegetables & TofuSmall$6.49
Kung Pao ChickenOriginal$8.69
Kung Pao ChickenSmall$6.49
Kung Pao ShrimpOriginal$9.99
Kung Pao ShrimpSmall$7.99
Kung Pao SteakOriginal$8.99
Kung Pao SteakSmall$6.99
Kung Pao Vegetables & TofuOriginal$8.69
Kung Pao Vegetables & TofuSmall$6.49
Mongolian ChickenOriginal$8.69
Mongolian ChickenSmall$6.49
Mongolian ShrimpOriginal$9.99
Mongolian ShrimpSmall$7.99
Mongolian SteakOriginal$8.99
Mongolian SteakSmall$6.99
Mongolian Vegetables & TofuOriginal$8.69
Mongolian Vegetables & TofuSmall$6.49
Orange Peel ChickenOriginal$8.69
Orange Peel ChickenSmall$6.49
Orange Peel ShrimpOriginal$9.99
Orange Peel ShrimpSmall$7.99
Orange Peel SteakOriginal$8.99
Orange Peel SteakSmall$6.99
Orange Peel Vegetables & TofuOriginal$8.69
Orange Peel Vegetables & TofuSmall$6.49
Pei Wei Spicy ChickenOriginal$8.69
Pei Wei Spicy ChickenSmall$6.49
Pei Wei Spicy ShrimpOriginal$9.99
Pei Wei Spicy ShrimpSmall$7.99
Pei Wei Spicy SteakOriginal$8.99
Pei Wei Spicy SteakSmall$6.99
Pei Wei Spicy Vegetables & TofuOriginal$8.69
Pei Wei Spicy Vegetables & TofuSmall$6.49
Sesame ChickenOriginal$8.69
Sesame ChickenSmall$6.49
Sesame ShrimpOriginal$9.99
Sesame ShrimpSmall$7.99
Sesame SteakOriginal$8.99
Sesame SteakSmall$6.99
Sesame Vegetables & TofuOriginal$8.69
Sesame Vegetables & TofuSmall$6.49
Sweet & Sour ChickenOriginal$8.69
Sweet & Sour ChickenSmall$6.49
Sweet & Sour ShrimpOriginal$9.99
Sweet & Sour ShrimpSmall$7.99
Sweet & Sour SteakOriginal$8.99
Sweet & Sour SteakSmall$6.99
Sweet & Sour Vegetables & TofuOriginal$8.69
Sweet & Sour Vegetables & TofuSmall$6.49
Teriyaki ChickenOriginal$8.69
Teriyaki ChickenSmall$6.49
Teriyaki ShrimpOriginal$9.99
Teriyaki ShrimpSmall$7.99
Teriyaki SteakOriginal$8.99
Teriyaki SteakSmall$6.99
Teriyaki Vegetables & TofuOriginal$8.69
Teriyaki Vegetables & TofuSmall$6.49
Thai Dynamite ChickenOriginal$8.69
Thai Dynamite ChickenSmall$6.49
Thai Dynamite ShrimpOriginal$9.99
Thai Dynamite ShrimpSmall$7.99
Thai Dynamite SteakOriginal$8.99
Thai Dynamite SteakSmall$6.99
Thai Dynamite Vegetables & TofuOriginal$8.69
Thai Dynamite Vegetables & TofuSmall$6.49

Gluten-Free Menu With Prices

Gluten-Free Asian Chopped Chicken SaladLarge$7.49
Gluten-Free Asian Chopped Chicken SaladSmall$5.99
Gluten-Free Pei Wei Spicy Chicken & ShrimpOriginal$9.99
Gluten-Free Pei Wei Spicy Chicken & ShrimpSmall$7.99
Gluten-Free Pei Wei Spicy Chicken & Shrimp SaladLarge$8.49
Gluten-Free Pei Wei Spicy Chicken & Shrimp SaladSmall$6.99
Gluten-Free Pei Wei Spicy ChickenOriginal$8.69
Gluten-Free Pei Wei Spicy ChickenSmall$6.49
Gluten-Free Pei Wei Spicy Chicken SaladLarge$7.49
Gluten-Free Pei Wei Spicy Chicken SaladSmall$5.99
Gluten-Free Pei Wei Spicy ShrimpOriginal$9.99
Gluten-Free Pei Wei Spicy ShrimpSmall$7.99
Gluten-Free Pei Wei Spicy Shrimp SaladLarge$8.49
Gluten-Free Pei Wei Spicy Shrimp SaladSmall$6.99
Gluten-Free Sweet & Sour Chicken & ShrimpOriginal$9.99
Gluten-Free Sweet & Sour Chicken & ShrimpSmall$7.99
Gluten-Free Sweet & Sour ChickenOriginal$8.69
Gluten-Free Sweet & Sour ChickenSmall$6.49
Gluten-Free Sweet & Sour ShrimpOriginal$9.99
Gluten-Free Sweet & Sour ShrimpSmall$7.99
Gluten-Free Traditional EdamameLarge$2.99
Gluten-Free Traditional EdamameSmall$1.99
Gluten-Free Vietnamese Chicken Salad Rolls1$2.99
Gluten-Free Vietnamese Chicken Salad Rolls2$4.99
Gluten-Free Vietnamese Chicken Salad Rolls3$7.49
Pei Wei Asian Diner Menu Prices
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Dan Dan ChickenOriginal$8.69
Dan Dan ChickenSmall$6.49
Dan Dan ShrimpOriginal$9.99
Dan Dan ShrimpSmall$7.99
Dan Dan SteakOriginal$8.99
Dan Dan SteakSmall$6.99
Dan Dan Vegetables & TofuOriginal$8.69
Dan Dan Vegetables & TofuSmall$6.49
Lo Mein ChickenOriginal$8.69
Lo Mein ChickenSmall$6.49
Lo Mein ShrimpOriginal$9.99
Lo Mein ShrimpSmall$7.99
Lo Mein SteakOriginal$8.99
Lo Mein SteakSmall$6.99
Lo Mein Vegetables & TofuOriginal$8.69
Lo Mein Vegetables & TofuSmall$6.49
Pad Thai ChickenOriginal$8.69
Pad Thai ChickenSmall$6.49
Pad Thai ShrimpOriginal$9.99
Pad Thai ShrimpSmall$7.99
Pad Thai SteakOriginal$8.99
Pad Thai SteakSmall$6.99
Pad Thai Vegetables & TofuOriginal$8.69
Pad Thai Vegetables & TofuSmall$6.49

Complete Your Meal Menu With Prices

Crab Wontons1$1.99
Crab Wontons2$3.89
Crab Wontons4$5.99
Hot & Sour SoupBowl$3.99
Hot & Sour SoupCup$1.99
Pork Egg Rolls1$1.99
Pork Egg Rolls2$3.79
Pork Egg Rolls4$7.49
Thai Wonton SoupBowl$3.99
Thai Wonton SoupCup$1.99
Traditional EdamameLarge$2.99
Traditional EdamameSmall$1.99
Vegetable Spring Rolls1$1.99
Vegetable Spring Rolls2$3.79
Vegetable Spring Rolls4$7.49
Vietnamese Chicken Salad Rolls1$2.99
Vietnamese Chicken Salad Rolls2$4.99
Vietnamese Chicken Salad Rolls3$7.49

Lighter Offerings (Sushi) Menu With Prices

Mango California Roll4$3.29
Mango California Roll8$5.99
Spicy Tuna Roll4$3.79
Spicy Tuna Roll8$6.99
Teriyaki Crunch Roll4$3.29
Teriyaki Crunch Roll8$5.99
Wasabi Crunch Roll4$3.79
Wasabi Crunch Roll8$6.99

Kids Menu Menu With Prices

Kid’s Drink$0.99
Kid’s Honey Seared$3.99
Kid’s Lo Mein$3.99
Kid’s Sesame$3.99
Kid’s Teriyaki$3.99

Entree Salads Menu With Prices

Asian Chopped Chicken SaladOriginal$7.49
Asian Chopped Chicken SaladSmall$5.99
Pei Wei Spicy Chicken SaladOriginal$7.49
Pei Wei Spicy Chicken SaladSmall$5.99

Lettuce Wraps Menu With Prices

Thai Chicken Lettuce Wraps$6.99
Traditional Chicken Lettuce Wraps$6.99

Fresh Baked Cookie Menu With Prices

Chocolate Chip Cookie$0.99
Snickerdoodle Cookie$0.99

Drinks Menu With Prices

Dasani Water$1.99
Soft Drink$1.99
Iced Tea$1.99

Note:- We can’t guarantee that our menu prices are 100% correct and may not apply to all locations of a given business brand. Please contact the official restaurant location of interest to you for menu prices of restaurants, cafes, etc.

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Pei Wei Asian Diner Menu And Prices
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Pei Wei Asian Diner Contact Details

Pei Wei Asian Diner Address6191 N. Highway 161, Suite 300 Irving, TX 75038
Pei Wei Asian Diner Email AddressN/A
Pei Wei Asian Diner Phone NumberN/A
Pei Wei Asian Diner Contact FormFill Here
Pei Wei Asian Diner Official

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So, this was all about the Pei Wei Asian Diner Menu With Prices and we have also mentioned some other details about the restaurant which will be useful to you. Thanks for visiting, we wish you a nice meal.

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