Pei Wei Asian Diner Menu With Prices [March 2023 Updated]

A network of Pan Asian restaurants with 119 locations in the United States, Pei Wei Asian Diner, LLC, doing business as Pei Wei Asian Kitchen, is an American company. In an open-plan kitchen, Pei Wei uses cooking techniques like wok fire to prepare its food to order. By means of in addition to vegetarian and gluten-free selections, the restaurant enables customer customization. In this article, I will tell you about Pei Wei Asian Diner Menu With Prices, and much more.

Fast casual is how the restaurant industry describes Pei Wei’s model, which offers the ease of counter service and cashier orders together with table service after an order has been made. For cashiers to handle orders for takeout food, Pei Wei has a specific door in the establishment.

Pei Wei offers potent flavors with an Asian influence that are hand-crafted, quick, and fresh. The menu offers a selection of made-to-order wok-fresh entrées including Mongolian Steak, Kung Pao Chicken, and Honey Seared Chicken.

They put a lot of focus on using complete slices of white meat chicken and flank steak, along with fresh, house-chopped vegetables. To ensure that the dietary requirements and flavor preferences are met to the highest standard, their cuisine is freshly prepared in-house by skilled chefs as soon as a customer orders.

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Pei Wei Asian Diner Menu With Prices

Pei Wei Asian Diner Menu With Prices
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Wok Fresh Entrees Menu Prices

Caramel ChickenOriginal$8.69
Caramel ChickenSmall$6.49
Caramel ShrimpOriginal$9.99
Caramel ShrimpSmall$7.99
Caramel SteakOriginal$8.99
Caramel SteakSmall$6.99
Caramel Vegetables & TofuOriginal$8.69
Caramel Vegetables & TofuSmall$6.49
Fried Rice ChickenOriginal$8.69
Fried Rice ChickenSmall$6.49
Fried Rice ShrimpOriginal$9.99
Fried Rice ShrimpSmall$7.99
Fried Rice SteakOriginal$8.99
Fried Rice SteakSmall$6.99
Fried Rice Vegetables & TofuOriginal$8.69
Fried Rice Vegetables & TofuSmall$6.49
Honey Seared ChickenOriginal$8.69
Honey Seared ChickenSmall$6.49
Honey Seared ShrimpOriginal$9.99
Honey Seared ShrimpSmall$7.99
Honey Seared SteakOriginal$8.99
Honey Seared SteakSmall$6.99
Honey Seared Vegetables & TofuOriginal$8.69
Honey Seared Vegetables & TofuSmall$6.49
Kung Pao ChickenOriginal$8.69
Kung Pao ChickenSmall$6.49
Kung Pao ShrimpOriginal$9.99
Kung Pao ShrimpSmall$7.99
Kung Pao SteakOriginal$8.99
Kung Pao SteakSmall$6.99
Kung Pao Vegetables & TofuOriginal$8.69
Kung Pao Vegetables & TofuSmall$6.49
Mongolian ChickenOriginal$8.69
Mongolian ChickenSmall$6.49
Mongolian ShrimpOriginal$9.99
Mongolian ShrimpSmall$7.99
Mongolian SteakOriginal$8.99
Mongolian SteakSmall$6.99
Mongolian Vegetables & TofuOriginal$8.69
Mongolian Vegetables & TofuSmall$6.49
Orange Peel ChickenOriginal$8.69
Orange Peel ChickenSmall$6.49
Orange Peel ShrimpOriginal$9.99
Orange Peel ShrimpSmall$7.99
Orange Peel SteakOriginal$8.99
Orange Peel SteakSmall$6.99
Orange Peel Vegetables & TofuOriginal$8.69
Orange Peel Vegetables & TofuSmall$6.49
Pei Wei Spicy ChickenOriginal$8.69
Pei Wei Spicy ChickenSmall$6.49
Pei Wei Spicy ShrimpOriginal$9.99
Pei Wei Spicy ShrimpSmall$7.99
Pei Wei Spicy SteakOriginal$8.99
Pei Wei Spicy SteakSmall$6.99
Pei Wei Spicy Vegetables & TofuOriginal$8.69
Pei Wei Spicy Vegetables & TofuSmall$6.49
Sesame ChickenOriginal$8.69
Sesame ChickenSmall$6.49
Sesame ShrimpOriginal$9.99
Sesame ShrimpSmall$7.99
Sesame SteakOriginal$8.99
Sesame SteakSmall$6.99
Sesame Vegetables & TofuOriginal$8.69
Sesame Vegetables & TofuSmall$6.49
Sweet & Sour ChickenOriginal$8.69
Sweet & Sour ChickenSmall$6.49
Sweet & Sour ShrimpOriginal$9.99
Sweet & Sour ShrimpSmall$7.99
Sweet & Sour SteakOriginal$8.99
Sweet & Sour SteakSmall$6.99
Sweet & Sour Vegetables & TofuOriginal$8.69
Sweet & Sour Vegetables & TofuSmall$6.49
Teriyaki ChickenOriginal$8.69
Teriyaki ChickenSmall$6.49
Teriyaki ShrimpOriginal$9.99
Teriyaki ShrimpSmall$7.99
Teriyaki SteakOriginal$8.99
Teriyaki SteakSmall$6.99
Teriyaki Vegetables & TofuOriginal$8.69
Teriyaki Vegetables & TofuSmall$6.49
Thai Dynamite ChickenOriginal$8.69
Thai Dynamite ChickenSmall$6.49
Thai Dynamite ShrimpOriginal$9.99
Thai Dynamite ShrimpSmall$7.99
Thai Dynamite SteakOriginal$8.99
Thai Dynamite SteakSmall$6.99
Thai Dynamite Vegetables & TofuOriginal$8.69
Thai Dynamite Vegetables & TofuSmall$6.49
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Gluten-Free Menu Prices

Gluten-Free Asian Chopped Chicken SaladLarge$7.49
Gluten-Free Asian Chopped Chicken SaladSmall$5.99
Gluten-Free Pei Wei Spicy Chicken & ShrimpOriginal$9.99
Gluten-Free Pei Wei Spicy Chicken & ShrimpSmall$7.99
Gluten-Free Pei Wei Spicy Chicken & Shrimp SaladLarge$8.49
Gluten-Free Pei Wei Spicy Chicken & Shrimp SaladSmall$6.99
Gluten-Free Pei Wei Spicy ChickenOriginal$8.69
Gluten-Free Pei Wei Spicy ChickenSmall$6.49
Gluten-Free Pei Wei Spicy Chicken SaladLarge$7.49
Gluten-Free Pei Wei Spicy Chicken SaladSmall$5.99
Gluten-Free Pei Wei Spicy ShrimpOriginal$9.99
Gluten-Free Pei Wei Spicy ShrimpSmall$7.99
Gluten-Free Pei Wei Spicy Shrimp SaladLarge$8.49
Gluten-Free Pei Wei Spicy Shrimp SaladSmall$6.99
Gluten-Free Sweet & Sour Chicken & ShrimpOriginal$9.99
Gluten-Free Sweet & Sour Chicken & ShrimpSmall$7.99
Gluten-Free Sweet & Sour ChickenOriginal$8.69
Gluten-Free Sweet & Sour ChickenSmall$6.49
Gluten-Free Sweet & Sour ShrimpOriginal$9.99
Gluten-Free Sweet & Sour ShrimpSmall$7.99
Gluten-Free Traditional EdamameLarge$2.99
Gluten-Free Traditional EdamameSmall$1.99
Gluten-Free Vietnamese Chicken Salad Rolls1$2.99
Gluten-Free Vietnamese Chicken Salad Rolls2$4.99
Gluten-Free Vietnamese Chicken Salad Rolls3$7.49
Pei Wei Asian Diner Menu Prices
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Dan Dan ChickenOriginal$8.69
Dan Dan ChickenSmall$6.49
Dan Dan ShrimpOriginal$9.99
Dan Dan ShrimpSmall$7.99
Dan Dan SteakOriginal$8.99
Dan Dan SteakSmall$6.99
Dan Dan Vegetables & TofuOriginal$8.69
Dan Dan Vegetables & TofuSmall$6.49
Lo Mein ChickenOriginal$8.69
Lo Mein ChickenSmall$6.49
Lo Mein ShrimpOriginal$9.99
Lo Mein ShrimpSmall$7.99
Lo Mein SteakOriginal$8.99
Lo Mein SteakSmall$6.99
Lo Mein Vegetables & TofuOriginal$8.69
Lo Mein Vegetables & TofuSmall$6.49
Pad Thai ChickenOriginal$8.69
Pad Thai ChickenSmall$6.49
Pad Thai ShrimpOriginal$9.99
Pad Thai ShrimpSmall$7.99
Pad Thai SteakOriginal$8.99
Pad Thai SteakSmall$6.99
Pad Thai Vegetables & TofuOriginal$8.69
Pad Thai Vegetables & TofuSmall$6.49
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Complete Your Meal Menu Prices

Crab Wontons1$1.99
Crab Wontons2$3.89
Crab Wontons4$5.99
Hot & Sour SoupBowl$3.99
Hot & Sour SoupCup$1.99
Pork Egg Rolls1$1.99
Pork Egg Rolls2$3.79
Pork Egg Rolls4$7.49
Thai Wonton SoupBowl$3.99
Thai Wonton SoupCup$1.99
Traditional EdamameLarge$2.99
Traditional EdamameSmall$1.99
Vegetable Spring Rolls1$1.99
Vegetable Spring Rolls2$3.79
Vegetable Spring Rolls4$7.49
Vietnamese Chicken Salad Rolls1$2.99
Vietnamese Chicken Salad Rolls2$4.99
Vietnamese Chicken Salad Rolls3$7.49

Lighter Offerings (Sushi) Menu Prices

Mango California Roll4$3.29
Mango California Roll8$5.99
Spicy Tuna Roll4$3.79
Spicy Tuna Roll8$6.99
Teriyaki Crunch Roll4$3.29
Teriyaki Crunch Roll8$5.99
Wasabi Crunch Roll4$3.79
Wasabi Crunch Roll8$6.99

Kids Menu Menu Prices

Kid’s Drink$0.99
Kid’s Honey Seared$3.99
Kid’s Lo Mein$3.99
Kid’s Sesame$3.99
Kid’s Teriyaki$3.99

Entree Salads Menu Prices

Asian Chopped Chicken SaladOriginal$7.49
Asian Chopped Chicken SaladSmall$5.99
Pei Wei Spicy Chicken SaladOriginal$7.49
Pei Wei Spicy Chicken SaladSmall$5.99
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Lettuce Wraps Menu Prices

Thai Chicken Lettuce Wraps$6.99
Traditional Chicken Lettuce Wraps$6.99

Fresh Baked Cookie Menu Prices

Chocolate Chip Cookie$0.99
Snickerdoodle Cookie$0.99

Drinks Menu Prices

Dasani Water$1.99
Soft Drink$1.99
Iced Tea$1.99
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Speciality of Pei Wei Asian Diner

Pei Wei Asian diner menu offers tasty and premium Asian cuisine with freshly produced and hand-cut ingredients in a quick casual dine-in environment, Pei Wei is one of the world’s leading fast casual restaurant brands.

Each dish is made to order using freshly cut ingredients in the manner of traditional Asian culinary techniques. Salads, lettuce wraps, sushi, and Wok Classics are among the menu options that may be easily adapted to suit any taste or diet, including gluten-free and vegetarian diets.

In addition to its iconic Lo Mein and Quinoa & Fire Chicken, “Wok Classics” Noodle & Rice bowl alternatives, soups, salads, and “Small Plate” options are among the menu items Pei Wei is introducing that are well-known in the United States. 

History of Pei Wei Asian Diner

In order to compete in the fast-casual restaurant segment with a Pan Asian menu and quick, made-to-order service model, P. F. Chang’s China Bistro (PFCB) established the restaurant chain as Pei Wei Asian Diner in 2000. P. F. Chang’s remained in the full-service restaurant segment. In Scottsdale, the first Pei Wei restaurant debuted in 2000. Dallas, Texas, became home to the chain’s fourth site, the first outside of Arizona, in December 2001.

In June 2002, the business opened Irvine, California, as the sixth location in its network. In October 2006, Little Rock, Arkansas, saw the opening of Pei Wei’s 100th store. The company had 168 locations by 2010, with the majority of them in California, Texas, Arizona, and Florida. However, the company was also increasingly present in the Northeast and Midwest.

With the implementation of Apple Pay at all of its locations in August 2015, Pei Wei was one of the first restaurant chains to do so. The Pei Wei mobile app, which was released in September 2016 and is available on Google Play and the App Store, enables consumers to locate locations, examine the menu, order food, and pay.

In August 2015, Pei Wei established their first establishment on a college campus, this time at Arizona State University. In October 2015, Pei Wei inaugurated their 200th Pei Wei Asian diner location, this time in Richardson, Texas.

Review of Pei Wei Asian Diner

Pei Wei’s eating experience has developed throughout time to include contemporary comforts. Customers can accrue points through each visit to the business’s customer loyalty program, which was launched in July 2015, and spend those points to get free food or other prizes.

Pei Wei’s is thus one of the best-emerging restaurants. The Pei Wei Asian Diner menu with prices is customer friendly and Pei Wei Asian Diner prices are affordable too. Check out the Pei Wei Asian Diner Menu With Prices and all the other things here.

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Pei Wei Asian Diner Contact Details

Pei Wei Asian Diner Address6191 N. Highway 161, Suite 300 Irving, TX 75038
Pei Wei Asian Diner Email AddressN/A
Pei Wei Asian Diner Phone NumberN/A
Pei Wei Asian Diner Contact FormFill Here
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FAQs Related To Pie Wei Asian Diner

Pei Wei uses beef, but what kind?

You can substitute skirt steak for the tenderloin used in Pei Wei’s Mongolian beef. Even though it won’t be exactly the same, skirt steak works great. If you’re using a skirt steak, you must cut the meat on the bias, which is to say, diagonally.

What is vegetarian fried rice called in Pei Wei?

The vegan menu at Pei Wei offers a variety of stir-fried rice bowls with Thai and Chinese tastes that can be customized. The fast-casual restaurant company indicates vegetarian alternatives with a green leaf sign on its menu, although some of these dishes include honey and butter.

Pei Wei orange chicken is hot?

The new orange chicken meal from Pei Wei (which replaced its Orange Peel dishes) is made with fresh chicken that has been tempura-battered, cooked in an orange sauce, and topped with orange slices. Similar to Pei Wei’s Kung Pao and sesame dishes, it is noted as being moderately hot.

Is Pei Wei truly devoid of gluten?

Pei Wei claims that it uses potato starch (instead of wheat flour) to coat the protein for its gluten-free orders before cooking it in fresh oil in specially designed gluten-free pans. This guarantees that the protein will still be safe for you to consume while maintaining its deliciously crispy exterior.

So, this was all about the Pei Wei Asian Diner Menu With Prices and we have also mentioned some other details about the restaurant which will be useful to you. Thanks for visiting, we wish you a nice meal.

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