Miznon Menu Prices Singapore [February 2023 Updated]

Miznon is a famed Israeli contemporary casual restaurant chain in Singapore that has a specialization in preparing street-food dishes served in a pita. They are offering a lot of varieties on their menus such as pita, sweet, wine, soft drinks, cocktails, arak, out-of-the-pita, and many more items. If you are willing and want to experience the best food then you must visit Miznon and taste the fantastic and fluffy pita sandwiches. In this article, I will tell you about Miznon Menu Prices, and much more.

Why is Miznon Famous?

Miznon is famous because of its fluffy pita sandwiches. They have both deliveries as well as takeaway services in their restaurants so in case if you want to taste amazing food then just go and order food online within seconds.

Miznon Franchise Information

In this section, I will tell you about the franchise details, headquarters, and many more details. Miznon has several restaurants in Israel, France, the United States, Austria, Australia, and Singapore. If anyone wants to open a franchise of Miznon then he \ she has to wait because they are not currently offering franchises to anyone right now.

Who is Miznon Founder?

In this section, I will also tell you about the founder of Miznon and where it started first. The founder of Miznon was Chef Eyal Shani and he opened the first restaurant in Tel Aviv, Israel in the year 2010. Right now, the owner of the Miznon is Eyal Shani. Check out the Miznon Menu Prices and all the other things here.

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Miznon Menu Prices

Miznon Menu With Prices menupricess.com
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Pita (Wild Vegetable Animals) Menu Prices

Roasted Cauliflower with Tahini, Salsa, Chili, Spring Onion
Eggs No Steak
Avocado, Sundown Egg, Sour Cream, Tomato, Onion
Falafel Burger
Tomato Steak, Sour Cream, Chili, Onion, Pickles, Aioli
Portobello, Oyster, Shitake Mushroom, Aioli Chili, Sour Cream
Pita Moussaka
Beef and Lamb Ragout and Eggplant melting into each other. Tahini, Pickles, Chili and Parsley
Pita Candy Brisket
Overnight Brisket, seared and caramelized over hot steel, in a pita with Tahini, Tomatoes, Chili, Onions and Pickles
Steak and Egg
Sour Cream, Chili, Tomato, Onion, Japanese Cucumber
Minute Steak
Tahini, Chili, Tomato, Pickles, Onions
ABU Kebab
Lamb & Beef, Tahini, Chili, Salsa, Pickles, Onion, Parsley
Folded Cheeseburger
Tomato, Sour Cream, Aioli, Pickles, Fried Egg
Chicken Liver
Seared over hot steel, Tahini, Spring Onion, Salsa, Chili
Rotisserie Broken Chicken
Swirled with Spring Onion, Chili, Aioli, Baba Ganoush
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Pita (Ocean Creatures) Menu Prices

Confit Barramundi, Harissa, Aioli, Potatoes, Pickles, Chili and a Hardboiled Egg
Fish and Chips Pita
Seared Fresh Barramundi and Fried Potatoes, Aioli, White Wine Vinegar, Parsley and Pickles

Out Of The Pita Menu Prices

Run Over Potato
Roasted with butter, smashed with Sour Cream, Garlic, Herbs
Melting chickpeas over Tahini, Hardboiled Egg, Onion, Chili
Ratatouille Plate
In a stormy tomato perfume, Tahini, Hardboiled Egg
Intimate Plate
Beef Short Ribs, Roots Stew, Tahini, Chili
Spicy Moroccan Barramundi Stew, Tahini, Chili, Cilantro
Israeli Pita Rocks Salad
Toasted Zaatar Pita, Garden Veggies, Parsley and Chili

Sweet Menu Prices

Tatami Biscuit Cake
Israeli Tiramisu
Miznon Menu Prices menupricess.com
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Wine Menu Prices

Tabor Chardonnay
Light and refreshing, packed with melon, peach and hints of tropical fruits
Tabor Merlot
Israel A classic wine, gently seasoned and aromatic presence of red fruits
Adama Cabernet Sauvignon
Israel Well spiced, concentrated and mature with a medium body and strong character
Adama Sauvignon Blanc
Israel Crisp wine with a complex, temperamental and singular personality
Adama Merlot
Israel A singular variety, soft and succulent, wrapped in deep and powerful flavours
Arlequin Shiraz Arlequin Shiraz
Notes of chocolate, black pepper and berries
Arlequin Semillion Sauvignon Blanc
Fragrant bouquets and pleasant flavours

Soft Drinks Menu Prices

Coke ZeroS$3.50
Aqua PannaS$5.00
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Cocktail Menu Prices

Sage Pomegranate ArakS$19.00
Mint Lemonade ArakS$19.00

Arak Menu Prices


Note:- We can’t guarantee that the menu prices we have provided are 100% correct and may not apply to all locations of a given business brand. Please contact the official restaurant location of interest to you for menu prices of restaurants, cafes, etc.

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Miznon Contact Details

Miznon Address6 Stanley St, #01-01, Singapore 068725
Miznon Email Address[email protected]
Miznon Phone Number+65 9015 5319
Miznon Contact FormFill Here
Miznon Official Websitemiznonsingapore.com

Miznon Social Profiles

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FAQs Related To Miznon

Who owns Miznon?

Miznon is owned by Eyal Shani.

Where was Miznon founded?

Miznon was founded in the year 2010.

Why is Miznon famous?

Miznon is famous because of its fluffy pita sandwiches.

Does Miznon offer franchises?

No, they don’t offer franchises to anyone right now.

So, this was all about the Miznon Menu Prices and we have also mentioned some other details about the restaurant which will be useful to you. Thanks for visiting menupricess.com, we wish you a nice meal.

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