Farrell’s Ice Cream & Restaurant Menu Prices [February 2023]

Farrells Ice Cream Parlour is an eminent American ice cream parlor and sandwich chain in the United States and several other locations which has a specialization in desserts and candy tables. They are offering a lot of varieties on their menus such as soups, hamburgers, salads, sandwiches, starters, ice cream cups, ice cream sundaes, ice cream cones, beverages, and many more. If you are willing and want to explore the tasty ice cream then you must visit Farrell’s Ice Cream parlor and taste the delicious ice cream. In this article, I will tell you about Farrell’s Ice Cream & Restaurant Menu Prices, and much more.

Why is Farrell’s Ice Cream & Restaurant Famous?

Farrell’s Ice Cream Parlour is famous because of its ice creams. They have only takeaway services in their stores so in case if you want to taste the best ice cream at your home then just go and order food online within seconds.

Farrell’s Ice Cream & Restaurant Franchise Information

In this section, I will tell you about the franchise details, headquarters, and many more details. Farrells Ice Cream Parlour has 120 stores in the United States and several other locations. Currently, the headquarters is in the United States. If anyone wants to open a franchise of Farrell Ice Cream Parlour then they have to wait because they are not currently offering a franchise to anyone.

Who is Farrell’s Ice Cream & Restaurant Founder?

In this section, I will also tell you about the founders of Farrells Ice Cream Parlour and where it started first. The founder of Farrells Ice Cream Parlour was Bob Farrell and Ken McCarthy and they opened the first store in Portland, Oregon in the year 1963.

Marriott Corporation purchased Farrell Ice Cream Parlour in the year 1972. They had eight stores in Hawaii. Right now, the owner of the Farrells Ice Cream Parlour is Marcus Lemonis. Check out Farrell’s Ice Cream & Restaurant Menu Prices and all the other things here.

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Farrell’s Ice Cream & Restaurant Menu Prices

Farrell’s Ice Cream & Restaurant Menu With Prices menupricess.com
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Shareable Starters Menu With Prices

Old-Fashioned Onion Mountain$6.99$11.99
Garlic Fries$5.49$10.99
Chilli Cheese Fries$7.99$13.99
Farrell’s Ooey Gooey Cheese Sticks$7.69
Grown-up Mac and 4 Cheese$7.79
Buffalo Mac$10.99
Cock-A-Doodle Dippers$8.99$9.50
Fake Chicken Dinner$5.99

For Hamburgers, and Sandwich Menu With Prices

Add Chili to Your Fries$1.29
Add Chili Cheese to Your Fries$0.99
Substitute Fresh Fruit$0.99
Substitute Side Salad$3.49
Substitute a Cup of Mac and Cheese Instead of Fries$3.29
Substitute Garlic Fries, Waffle Fries or Onion Strings Instead of Fries$0.59

Old Fashioned Burger Menu With Prices

The All American$10.45
Laredo Burger$12.59
Bbq Bacon Cheeseburger$12.49
Talk of the Town$12.59
Swiss Mushroom Truffle$12.49
Old Macfarrell’s Burger$12.99
Patty Melt$11.99
Slider Burgers $10.45
Aloha Chicken Burger$12.49
Portabella Veggieburger$11.79

Burger Additions Menu With Prices

Add Some Toppings$1.29
Add Your Choice of Cheese$0.99
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Soups and Salads Menu With Prices

The Wedge$8.39
Bbq Chicken Salad$12.99
Harvest Salad$11.50
Chicken Caesar Salad$11.50
Napa Valley Spinach Salad$12.50
Chopsticks Chicken Salad$11.50
Chopped Cobb$13.59
Dinner Salad$5.25

Soups and Salads Menu With Prices

Soup of Tomorrow, Today$4.25$5.25
Farrell’s Ice Cream & Restaurant Menu And Prices menupricess.com
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Sandwiches Menu With Prices

The Club13.59
Fabulous French Dip$12.49
The Reuben$12.49
Philly Cheese Steak$12.99
Grilled Chicken Sandwich$11.69
Swiss Turkey Focaccia$13.59
Blat Stack$10.99
Chili Cheese Frank$9.45
Gastronomicaldelicatessenepicurean’s Delight$12.59
Grownup Grilled Cheese$9.44
Buffalo Chicken Sandwich$12.49
Fish Tacos$11.49

Fountain Fantasies Menu With Prices

FlavorRegularSuper Swig
Ice Cream Sodas$5.49$6.59
Ice Cream Floats$5.49$6.59
Old Fashioned Malts, Shakes, Sodas, and Floats$0.50
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Belly Busters Menu With Prices

No. 1 Gibson Girl$13.49
No. 2 Mt. Saint Helen$13.49
No. 3 the Pig’s Trough$14.49
FlavorServe 1-10Serve 15
Hot Fudge Volcano$59.99$79.99
The World Famous Farrell’s Zoo$59.99$17.99

Sundaes Menu With Prices

Farrell’s Rocky Road$7.89
Parlour’s Tin Roof$7.89
Caramel Nugget$8.25
Triple Chocolate Brownie Sundae$10.25
Black & White$7.49
Mocha Nut$7.89
Banana Split$9.55
Banana Royale$7.89
Gold Rush$7.49
Farrell’s Classic Sundae$4.55
Ice Cream Nachos$9.99
Caramel Apple Blossom$3.59

Cones and Cups Menu With Prices

Single Scoop Cone or Cup$3.20
Double Scoop Cone or Cup$4.20
Triple Scoop Cone or Cup$5.20
Freshly Made Waffle Cone$1.59

Clever Beverages and Refillable Pop Menu With Prices

Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Barq’s Root Beer, Orange, Pibb Xtra, Powerade Mountain Blast, Nestea Raspberry, & Iced Tea$2.69
Syrup Shots$0.40
Fresh Lemonade$3.89
Strawberry Lemonade$4.45
Hot Beverages$2.69
Farrell’s Corner Favorites$2.99
Soda Water$0.20
Hydration Tonic$2.49

Note:- We can’t guarantee that the menu prices we have provided are 100% correct and may not apply to all locations of a given business brand. Please contact the official restaurant location of interest to you for menu prices of restaurants, cafes, etc.

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Farrell’s Ice Cream & Restaurant Contact Details

Farrell’s Ice Cream & Restaurant Address8650 Beach Blvd Buena Park, CA 90620
Farrell’s Ice Cream & Restaurant Email AddressN/A
Farrell’s Ice Cream & Restaurant Phone Number(714) 484-2674
Farrell’s Ice Cream & Restaurant Contact FormN/A
Farrell’s Ice Cream & Restaurant Official WebsiteN/A

Farrell’s Ice Cream & Restaurant Social Profiles

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FAQs Related To Farrell’s Ice Cream & Restaurant

Who started Farrell’s Ice Cream?

Bob Farrell and Ken McCarthy started Farrell’s Ice Cream.

Who owns Farrell’s Ice Cream?

Marcus Lemonis owns Farrell’s Ice Cream.

Is Farrell’s a franchise?

No, Farrell’s Ice Cream is not a franchise.

How many Farrell’s Ice Cream locations are there?

There are 120 stores across the United States and several other locations.

So, this was all about Farrell’s Ice Cream & Restaurant Menu Prices and we have also mentioned some other details about the restaurant which will be useful to you. Thanks for visiting menupricess.com, we wish you a nice meal.

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