Cold Rock Ice Creamery Menu Prices [March 2023 Updated]

Australians own the chain of Cold Rock Ice Creameries ice cream shops. Customers select combinations of ice cream and numerous other confectioneries, which are blended in front of the consumer within the company’s store, as the primary product. In this article, I will tell you about Cold Rock Ice Creamery Menu Prices, and much more.

Cold Rock sells its ice cream as individual ice cream combinations in a cup, cone, take-home pack, loaded shake, or ice cream cakes, with apparently over 30,000 different combinations.

They are the coolest spot to buy your frozen sweet treats because they are not your ordinary ice cream shop. The combos at Cold Rock are limitless with a selection of over 30,000.

Choose from ice cream cakes, shakes, cups, cones, and take-home tubs, then add your favorite Mix-Ins to make your own custom combination. For every occasion and every person, there is cake. They even have take-home tubs so you can relax on your couch and eat your favorite combinations.

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Cold Rock Ice Creamery Menu Prices

Cold Rock Ice Creamery Menu Prices
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Ice Cream Cakes Menu Prices

O’reo Kidding Me?$ 69.00
All Or Nut-Ting$ 69.00
It’s Raining M’s$ 69.00
For The Love Of Bis-Coff$ 69.00
My Kind-er Surprise$ 69.00
Magical Unicorn$ 59.00
Ferraro Dreaming$ 69.00
Tira-Miss-You$ 59.00
Sweet Heart$ 59.00
Bikkies & Balls$ 59.00
Iced Donut$ 59.00
Lolly Box$ 69.00
Kit Kat Krazed$ 120.00
Cone Explosion$ 69.00
Colorful Crunch$ 59.00
Rockin’ Race Cars$ 59.00

Build Your Own Cake – Regular – Serves 10 Menu Prices

(Choose Your Layer 1 Ice Cream Flavour, Layer 1 Mix-Ins – Upto 6), (Choose Your Layer 2 Ice Cream Flavour, Layer 2 Mix-Ins – Upto 6 First 2 Included!), (Choose Your Pipe It Or Drop It?), (Choose Your Decorations)$ 55.00
Cold Rock Ice Creamery Menu With Prices
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Build Your Own Cake – Large – Serves 10 Menu Prices

(Choose Your Layer 1 Ice Cream Flavour, Layer 1 Mix-Ins – Upto 6), (Choose Your Layer 2 Ice Cream Flavour, Layer 2 Mix-Ins – Upto 6 First 2 Included!), (Choose Your Layer 3 Ice Cream Flavour, Layer 3 Mix-Ins – Upto 6 First 2 Included!) (Choose Your Pipe It Or Drop It?), (Choose Your Decorations)$ 89.00
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Tasty Combos Menu Prices

Cookie Jar$ 14.50
Half Baked$ 14.50
Bubblegum Buzz$ 13.90
For-A-Rare-Share$ 14.50
Death By Chocolate$ 13.90
Mocha Choca$ 13.90
Caramel Crazed$ 13.90
After Dinner Mint$ 14.50
Rockin’ Rainbow$ 14.50
Mad For Mint$ 14.50
Animals Alive$ 13.90
Peanut Butter Smothered$ 14.50
The Islander$ 14.50
Berry Cherry Dream$ 13.90
Island Escape$ 13.90
Tickled Pink$ 13.90
Peanut Butter Time$ 14.50

Cold Rock Shakes And Smoothies Menu Prices

Super Shake$ 14.50
Death By Chocolate Super Shake$ 14.50
Mango A Go-Go Smoothie$ 10.50
Bananarama Smoothie$ 10.50
Cookie Jar Super Shake$ 14.50
Rock-A-Chiller$ 10.50
Half Baked Super Shake$ 14.50
Caramel Crazed Super Shake$ 13.90
For-A-Rare-Share Super Shake$ 14.50
Peanut Butter Smothered Super Shake$ 14.50
Tropical Twister Smoothie$ 10.50
Razzamatazz Smoothie$ 11.00
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Specialty of Cold Rock Ice Creamery

Waffles, ice cream, cookie dough, milkshakes, desserts, hot dogs, yogurt, smoothies, and beverages are among the menu items offered by Cold Rock Ice Creamery. Here, a fantastic supper can be had for less than $30.

Cold Rock is more than just an ice cream shop; it’s a whole experience where each person is as distinctive as each item. The options and mixes at Cold Rock are limitless because there are over 30,000 different combinations available.

Customers can continue to select their favorite flavors and Mix-Ins to make their own personalized combinations for ice cream cakes, shakes, cups, cones, and take-home tubs.

The Cold Rock Ice Creamery menu and prices may differ slightly depending on where you are. The Cold Rock Ice Creamery’s menu features items from Aspley, Queensland. The menu pricing has been adjusted as of March 1st, 2023.

Ice cream is on the menu at Cold Rock Ice Creamery, and there are many different varieties. There are numerous different flavors of ice cream, including strawberry, chocolate, coffee, vanilla, bubblegum, and caramel.

You don’t need to worry while visiting Cold Rock Ice Creamery because there is a wide selection of quality ice creams, low-fat ice cream, gelato, and sorbet varieties available. You will find anything you desire here.

History of Cold Rock Ice Creamery

Who would have thought that a plain American concept would become Australia’s favorite frozen delicacy so fast after being introduced to the country in 1996? In 2002, when the concept’s developers realized how unique Australia is, they “Australianised” a product created for Australians, by Australians, and using Australian production.

In an effort to position Cold Rock as the “best ice cream franchise in Australia,” the previous management team bought the Australian Franchise System of Cold Rock in August 2002. 2008 saw the opening of Cold Rock’s eighty-first outlet in Melbourne, Victoria. Now, the Franchised Food Corporation owns and operates the Cold Rock franchise.

Cold Rock ice creamery locations introduced “Ultra Kosher” ice cream and mix-ins in May 2017. It was the first time an Australian franchising company specifically targeted the Jewish/kosher market with its products.

Pressure on the franchise resulted from the chain having to close numerous locations in 2019 due to rising prices, including those in Indooroopilly and Springwood in Queensland. Cold Rock is currently the largest ice cream and snacks company that is owned and run exclusively in Australia. 

Review of Cold Rock Ice Creamery

The majority of customers enjoy visiting their ice cream shop because they offer ice cream and ice cream cakes that can be personalized by adding mix-ins. The Cold Rock Ice Creamery’s combinations are equally delicious. Combinations include death by chocolate, island escape, and berry cherry fantasy. You will pay less than $15 for each combination. 

Ice Creamery Cold Rock When you contrast their prices with the quality of ice cream they offer, you will find that they are reasonable. The majority of their pricing ranges from $2 to $25. Cold Rock Ice Creamery prices are thus very affordable and anyone can purchase it.

It is always advisable to check out the most recent Cold Rock Ice Creamery menu and prices now without further delay. Check out the updated Cold Rock Ice Creamery Menu Prices and all the other things here.

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Contact Details

Cold Rock Ice Creamery Address616 ST KILDA RD MELBOURNE, VIC, 3004
Cold Rock Ice Creamery Email Address[email protected]
Cold Rock Ice Creamery Phone Number1300 003 326
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FAQs Related To Cold Rock Ice Creamery

What does a Cold Rock franchise cost?

A Cold Rock franchise costs approximately $250,000, whereas a Cold Rock Express costs less than $110,000. Cold Rock provides its franchisees with access to purchasing power because it is a part of FFCo, which also owns and operates other retail food brands like Healthy Habits, Pretzel World, Trampoline Gelato, and Mr. Whippy.

Where can I buy ice cream in Cold Rock?

A product manufactured using Australian ingredients, for Australians, by Australians. Even the primary component of Cold Rock Ice Cream, dairy, comes from Australian cows. In Cold Rock, everyone is unique just like every item, making it more than just an ice cream shop.

Who is the owner of Cold Rock Ice Cream?

The Franchised Food Company presently owns and operates the Cold Rock franchise.

So, this was all about the Cold Rock Ice Creamery Menu Prices and we have also mentioned some other details about the restaurant which will be useful to you. Thanks for visiting, we wish you a nice meal.

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