Caffe Bene Menu With Prices [December 2022 Updated]

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Cafe Bene is a famed coffeehouse chain in South Korea and several other locations which have a specialization in coffee drinks and waffles. They are offering a lot of varieties on their menus such as coffee, hot and cold beverages, bread, espresso drinks, sandwiches, waffles, pastries, mojito, gelato, ice parfait, smoothie, frappe, and many more. In this article, I will tell you about Caffe Bene Menu With Prices, and much more.

Cafe Bene is famous because of its drinks such as tea, coffee, latte, and smoothies. They have both deliveries as well as takeaway services in their stores so you can enjoy the food at your home by installing their app “Cafe Bene” and order within seconds.

In this article, I will tell you about the franchise details, headquarters, and many more details. Cafe Bene has 1,600 stores worldwide including in South Korea, United States, Canada, Philippines, China, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Mongolia, Malaysia, Cambodia, Japan, Vietnam, and Singapore.

Currently, the headquarters are in Seoul, South Korea. If anyone wants to open a franchise of Cafe Bene then he/she needs at least a franchise fee of $35,000 and investment ranges from $414,500 – $899,600.

In this article, I will also tell you about the founder of Cafe Bene and where it was started first. The founder of Cafe Bene was Sun – Kwon Kim and he opened the first store in South Korea in 2008. In 2012, they opened their first international store in New York. By the year 2012, they had 760 outlets in South Korea.

They also opened a store in Los Angeles in 2012. In 2013, they opened stores in Cambodia, Taiwan, Japan, Mongolia, and Indonesia. In 2014, Cafe Bene opened a store in Boston, Malaysia, and Vietnam. They also opened a store in Singapore in the year 2015.

Right now, the Chief Executive Officer of Cafe Bene is Choi Seung-Woo. If you are willing and want to explore the best coffee then you must visit Cafe Bene and taste the delicious coffee. Check out the Caffe Bene Menu With Prices and all the other things here.

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Caffe Bene Menu With Prices

Caffe Bene Menu With Prices
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Waffle Menu With Prices

Strawberry Nana Waffle$9.95
Banana Bacon Bits Waffle$10.95
Choco Raspberry Sundae Waffle$8.95
Waffle with Whipped Cream & Strawberry$6.50
Waffle with Whipped Cream & Banana$6.95

Gaufre de Liege Menu With Prices

Original Waffle$4.95
Gelato & Waffle$5.95

Time to Bloom & Drink Menu With Prices

Mint Mojito Coffee$4.50
Caribbean Mojito$4.50
Earl Grey Milk Tea$4.00

Featured Item Menu With Prices

Club Sandwich$8.95

Bene Eatery Menu With Prices

Ham & Egg Sandwich$7.95
Teriyaki Chicken Sandwich$8.95
Portabella Sandwich$6.95
Spicy Chicken Sandwich$8.95

Honey Breads Menu With Prices

Caramel Cinnamon$6.95
Garlic & Cheese$7.45
Strawberry Cream Cheese$8.95
Banana & Walnut$8.95

Shot Drinks Menu With Prices

Caffe Bene Menu Prices
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Classics Menu With Prices

Cafe Latte$3.50
Cafe Mocha$4.00
White Mocha$4.25
Vanilla Latte$3.95
Caramel Latte Macchiato$4.25
Cafe Saigon$4.25

Brewed Coffee Menu With Prices

Brewed Coffee$1.95
Cafe au Lait$2.50
Iced Coffee$2.45

Summer Medley Menu With Prices

Mango Yogurt Ice Parfait$12.95
White Grape Mojito$5.95
White Grape Yogurt Smoothie$5.95
White Grape Refresher$6.45
Cookies & Cream Frappe$5.45
Peach Perfect Yogurt Smoothie$5.95
Green Tea Tower$8.95
Misugaru Red Bean$8.95
Cookies & Cream$8.95

Multi-Grain Power Shake Menu With Prices

Multigrain Power Latte$3.95
Multigrain Power Frappe$4.95

Ice Parfait Menu With Prices

Misugaru Red Bean (Ice Parfait)$8.95
Strawberry (Ice Parfait)$8.95
Ice Flakes Ice Parfait$8.95

Mojito Menu With Prices

Strawberry (Mojito)$5.45

Roweland Heights Signature Menu With Prices

Hazelnut Latte$3.95
Hazelnut Frappe$4.45
Tomato Juice$5.95
Strawberry Lemonade$5.45
Club Sandwich (Rowland Heights Signature)$8.95
Asian Shrimp Sandwich$8.95

Smoothie Menu With Prices

Pure Yogurt$5.95
Strawberry Feast$5.45
Strawberry Nana$5.45
Mango Passion Fruit$5.95
Mango Peach$5.95

Frappe Menu With Prices

Coffee (Frappe)$3.95
Pure Vanilla$4.45
Green Tea$4.45

Tea & Others Menu With Prices

Iced Tea$2.25
Iced Tea Lemonade$2.65
Premium Full Leaf Tea$2.75
Green Tea Latte$3.95
Chai Tea Latte$3.95
Hot Chocolate$2.95
Bubble Tea Latte$4.95

Note:- We can’t guarantee that our menu prices are 100% correct and may not apply to all locations of a given business brand. Please contact the official restaurant location of interest to you for menu prices of restaurants, cafes, etc.

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Caffe Bene Menu And Prices
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Caffe Bene Contact Details

Caffe Bene Address25, Sangwon 1-gil, Seongdong-gu, Seoul
Caffe Bene Email Address[email protected]
Caffe Bene Phone Number206-86-29161
Caffe Bene Contact FormN/A
Caffe Bene Official

Caffe Bene Social Profiles

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So, this was all about the Caffe Bene Menu With Prices and we have also mentioned some other details about the restaurant which will be useful to you. Thanks for visiting, we wish you a nice meal.

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