Angelo Brocato’s Menu Prices [March 2023 Updated]

A family-run ice cream shop called Angelo Brocato’s Italian Ice Cream Parlor, sometimes known as Brocato’s, is situated in the Mid-City section of New Orleans, Louisiana. In this article, I will tell you about Angelo Brocato’s Menu Prices, and much more.

It is a well-known New Orleans landmark and was established in 1905. After being severely flooded by Hurricane Katrina, its reopening in 2006 was noted as a significant step forward in the Mid-City area’s reconstruction.

It has the secret that has been passed down from generation to generation by moving ice and salt to skilled chefs and selecting the ripest and tastiest fruits for granita. All production efforts were directed into baking and sweets making as the Mediterranean fall transitioned to winter. Little Angelo learned how to make various biscotti, torrone, frutta Martorana (marzipan), and many other sweets during these chilly months. 

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Angelo Brocato’s Menu Prices

Angelo Brocato's Menu Prices
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Cookies & Candy Menu Prices

Italian Seed Cookies$8.25
Italian Fig Cookies$9.25
Box of Fancy Assorted Italian Biscotti$14.33
Almond Biscotti$3.25
Homestyle Cookies$6.25
Italian Assorted Cookies$14.25
Italian Fig Cookies (Cookies & Candy)$11.25
Anise Biscotti$3.25
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Spumoni Menu Prices


Cannoli Menu Prices


Ice Cream & Gelato Menu Prices

Ice Cream & Gelato$59.00
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Specialty of Angelo Brocato’s

Torroncino, a gelato with cinnamon and almonds, was Angelo Brocato’s debut offering. As in 1905, Brocato’s continues to serve it in sliced-block form. The shop now offers a selection of cookies, cannolis, gelati, Italian ice, and other delicacies. The “best-seller,” according to Brocato’s website, is lemon ice.

One of the most well-known desserts is gelato. As a result, the frozen treat is truly Italian, and even though it is often linked with Sicily, alchemist Cosimo Ruggieri, who lived in Florence during the time of Catherine de Medici, is thought to have invented the first genuine gelato.

The next dessert is probably one of Sicily’s most well-known outside of Italy: these rich, crunchy, fried pastry tubes filled with delectable ricotta cheese cream. It is thought that cannoli first appeared in the Palermo area in the ninth century when Sicily was ruled by the Arabs.

Their food appeals to people of all ages. Angelo Brocato’s price is affordable too.  Give yourself a treat by indulging in decadent ice cream, traditional spumoni, homemade cannoli, Italian cookies, or a sip of espresso, all of which are served in a vintage ice cream parlor atmosphere. Don’t forget to swing by for a king cake from Caluda’s King Cakes in Harahan during the Mardi Gras season. Angelo Brocato’s menu is thus very unique.

History of Angelo Brocato’s

At the 500 block of Ursulines Street in the French Quarter of New Orleans, Angelo opened his first storefront. By hand churning the ice cream, he created tastes that were novel to New Orleans. His very first flavor, Sorrentino, a vanilla-based gelato with cinnamon and powdered almonds, is being made today. He also created granita al limone after discovering a glut of citrus comparable to that in Sicily.

Every morning, Italian inhabitants of the French Quarter would arrive early with their warm bread to enjoy breakfast with Angelo’s homemade granita al limone. It is still a favorite among New Orleanians looking for a refreshing treat during the hot and muggy summer months. It is simply known as lemon ice today.

In the early part of the 20th century, Angelo Brocato flourished under the founder’s cautious eye. He relocated the store to a larger space at 615–617 Ursulines St. as business increased. He could more easily imitate the elegance of the Palermitano ice cream shops in Sicily, where he was an apprentice, in this location.

Angelo’s shop survived the Great Depression that followed World War I and the shortages of essential supplies during World War II thanks to his unwavering commitment to his customers and his quest for the highest-quality ingredients for his products.

When he passed away in 1946, his sons Joseph and Angelo, Jr. carried on running the business, adhering to their beliefs and carefully adjusting to the changes that the Second World War brought about. There are now numerous Angelo Brocato’s locations across the globe.

Review of Angelo Brocato’s

Pat K says “Since roughly 1900, this New Orleans Mid City icon has been offering delectable Italian gelato and other sweet delicacies. If you’re in Crescent City and seeking a taste of Italy, I highly recommend a visit! There are so many options, it’s difficult to choose.”

There is denial from the fact that Angelo Brocato has been providing exceptionally good flavors in ice creams. The taste of these ice creams is known worldwide. Therefore everyone must try their different flavors as well as different products. Angelo Brocato’s Menu Prices are curated in the best way possible. Check out the updated Angelo Brocato’s Menu Prices and all the other things here.

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Angelo Brocato’s Contact Details

Angelo Brocato’s Address214 N. Carrollton Ave. New Orleans, LA 70119
Angelo Brocato’s Email Address[email protected]
Angelo Brocato’s Phone NumberPhone: 504.486.1465
Fax: 504.486.0858
Angelo Brocato’s Contact FormN/A
Angelo Brocato’s Official

Angelo Brocato’s Social Profiles

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FAQs Related To Angelo Brocato’s

Angelo Brocato’s owner?

After his father, Angelo Brocato, Jr., passed away in 1982, his son, Arthur Brocato, and other family members are now in charge of the store.

What is Angelo Brocato’s background?

In 1875, Angelo Brocato was created in Cefalu, Italy. In Palermo, he and his brother worked as apprentices in the pastry and gelato industries. They established a modest ice cream shop in 1905 close to Decatur Street and Ursulines Avenue after immigrating to the US. Ten years later, the company relocated to 623 Ursulines Avenue.

What are the local favorites and attractions of Angelo Brocato’s?

The main draws at this charming little confectionery, which has been there for more than a century, include traditional Sicilian gelato, spumoni, cannoli, pastries, and candies. Local favorites still include lemon and strawberry ice, crisp biscotti, and classic Sicilian pastries.

So, this was all about Angelo Brocato’s Menu Prices and we have also mentioned some other details about the restaurant which will be useful to you. Thanks for visiting, we wish you a nice meal.

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