Akashi Menu Prices Singapore [March 2023 Updated]

Akashi Japanese Restaurant is an eminent casual Japanese dining restaurant chain in Singapore that has a specialization in serving tempura. They offer a lot of varieties on their menus such as sushi rolls, chinmi appetizers, salads, fish, dinner, sashimi, temaki, soups, a la carte, tempura, ice cream, rice, beverages, and many more items. If you are willing and want to experience the innovative dishes then you must visit Akashi Japanese Restaurant and taste the delicious sushi bars. In this article, I will tell you about Akashi Menu Prices, and much more.

Why is Akashi Famous?

Akashi Japanese Restaurant is famous because of its longest sushi bar in Singapore. They are offering more than 100 innovative varieties of dishes that are prepared with fresh ingredients. They have both deliveries as well as takeaway services in their restaurants.

Akashi Franchise Information

In this section, I will tell you about the franchise details, headquarters, and many more details. Akashi Japanese Restaurant has many restaurants across Singapore. Currently, the headquarters is in Frontier, Singapore. If anyone wants to open a franchise at Akashi Japanese Restaurant, he/she has to wait because they are not currently offering franchises to anyone.

Who is Akashi Founder?

In this section, I will also tell you about the founders of Akashi Japanese Restaurant and where it started first. The founder of Akashi Japanese Restaurant was Larry Chi and his wife Barbara and they opened the first restaurant in Tanglin Shopping Centre in the year 1995. The Chief Executive Officer of the Akashi Japanese Restaurant is Larry Chi. Check out the Akashi Menu Prices and all the other things here.

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Akashi Menu Prices

Akashi Menu With Price Singapore menupricess.com
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New items Menu Prices

Toro and Uni sushi platterS$88.80
Toro Toro Akami sushi platterS$78.80
Hon akami sushi (3pcs)S$22.00
Tebasaki tempura (4pcs)S$16.00
Sashimi sobaS$38.80
Soba bentoS$32.80
Otsukuri (Premium)S$108.00
Premium sushi platter AS$85.20
Hon akami shoyu nori (8pcs)S$38.00

Sake Promotion Menu Prices

Hiryu 720ml
Junmai daiginjo (2+1 free)
Kuroushi Junmai (1+1)
Junmai 1.8L (1+1 free)
Sagaminada 720ml
Special brew (2+1 free)
Watarai 720ml
Daiginjo (2+1 free)
Yamawa 720ml
Junmai ginjo (2+1 free)
Azumaichi 720ml
Junmai daiginjo (2+1 free)
Watarai 1.8L (1+1)
Daiginjo (1+1 free)

Set Menu Prices

Sashimi sobaS$38.80
Soba bentoS$32.80
Gyu Don setS$22.80
Wakadori Teriyaki setS$22.80
Gyu Teriyaki setS$23.80
Tonkatsu set (Kurobuta)S$24.80
Katsu Don set (Kurobuta)S$21.20
Unaju setS$26.20
Saba Shioyaki setS$18.20
Tempura setS$18.20
Chicken Katsu setS$18.20
Yaki Niku setS$21.20
Shake Teriyaki setS$21.20
Nigiri Chasoba setS$20.20
Nabeyaki Udon setS$21.20
Tori Karaage setS$18.20
Gindara MisozukS$34.20
Gindara Teriyaki setS$34.20
Syoukadou Be YouS$54.20

Donburi Menu Prices

Otsukuri (Premium)S$108.00
Hokkaido buta donS$20.20
Hokkaido shake oyakodonS$24.00
Hon maguro shoyuzuke donS$66.20
Omakase chirashiS$238.00
Omakase chirashi (half size)S$138.00
Chirashi DonS$52.20
Wagyu steak donS$45.00
Akami DonS$32.20
Shake DonS$30.20
Sukiyaki DonS$22.20
Gomoku TendonS$20.20

Sashimi Menu Prices

Korea awabi (2pcs)
Slow boiled korea whole abalone served with homemade abalone s liver sauce (75g~80g per pc)
Combination of: 2pcs Tuna belly 2pcs Halibut 2pcs Salmon 2pcs Tuna 2pcs Amberjack 2pcs Swordfish 2pcs Scallop 6pcs Octopus
Combination of: 4pcs Salmon 2pcs Halibut 2pcs Tuna 2pcs Amberjack 2pcs Swordfish
Combination of: 2pcs Tuna belly 2pcs Halibut 4pcs Sweet shrimp 2pcs Scallop 4pcs Salmon 2pcs Tuna 2pcs Amberjack
Combination of: 4pcs Tuna belly 2pcs Spot shrimp 4pcs Salmon 4pcs Scallop 2pcs Amberjack
Combination of: 4pcs Salmon 4pcs Amberjack 4pcs Scallop 2pcs Trevally 2pcs Tuna
Combination of: 2pcs Tuna belly 2pcs Salmon 2pcs Amberjack 2pcs Halibut 2pcs Trevally 2pcs tuna
Shiromi shisoS$28.80
Hon akami shoyu nori (8pcs)S$38.00
Shimaaji sashimi (6 pcs)S$42.00
Hirame usuzukuriS$46.00
Hirame sashimi (6pcs)S$36.00
Kanpachi sashimi (6pcs)S$42.00
Grade A bafun uni sashimi 50gS$72.80
Otoro sashimi (6pcs)S$98.00
Chu toro sashimi (6pcs)S$76.80
Botan ebi sashimi (3pcs)S$54.00
Hotate sashimi (3pcs)S$30.00
Amaebi sashimi (6pcs)S$24.00
Maguro sashimi (6pcs)S$18.80
Kajiki sashimi (6pcs)S$18.80
Shake sashimi (6pcs)S$18.80
Shake belly sashimi 6pcsS$21.80
Shime saba sashimi (6pcs)S$18.80
Tako sashimi (9pcs)S$10.80
Ika sashimiS$10.80
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Sushi Menu Prices

Sushi Platter A
Combination of: 2pcs Tuna belly 4pcs Salmon 2pcs Tuna 3pcs Amberjack 2pcs Prawn 2pcs Sweet shrimp
Sushi platter B
combination of: 2pcs Salmon 2pcs Halibut fin 2pcs Halibut 3pcs Amberjack 2pcs Unagi 2pcs Sweet shrimp 2pcs Tuna
Sushi platter C
Combination of: 2pcs Amberjack 2pcs Salmon 2pcs Tuna 2pcs Unagi 2pcs Sweet shrimp
Sushi platter D
Combination of: 4pcs Amberjack 4pcs Salmon 2pcs Halibut 2pcs Unagi 2pcs Tuna
Sushi platter E
Combination of: 4pcs Kanpachi 4pcs Salmon 3pcs Trevally 2pcs Halibut 2pcs Unagi
Sushi platter F
Combination of: 2pcs Tuna belly 2pcs Amberjack 2pcs Trevally 2pcs Halibut 2pcs Salmon 2pcs Tuna
Premium sushi platter AS$85.20
Premium sushi platter BS$125.80
Toro and Uni sushi platterS$88.80
Aburi sushi platter A
Combination of: 2pcs Seared mackerel 2pcs Seared salmon 2pcs Seared salmon mentaiko 2pcs Seared amberjack 2pcs Seared amberjack mentaiko 2pcs Grilled unagi
Aburi sushi platter B
combination of: 2pcs Seared scallop 2pcs Seared salmon 2pcs Seared salmon mentaiko 2pcs Cooked prawn 2pcs Seared mackerel 2pcs Seared amberjack 2pcs Seared amberjack mentaiko 2pcs Grilled unagi
Aburi sushi platter C
Combination of: 2pcs Seared tuna belly 2pcs Seared scallop 2pcs Seared salmon 2pcs Seared salmon mentaiko 2pcs Seared mackerel 2pcs Seared amberjack mentaiko 2pcs Cooked prawn 2pcs Grilled unagi
Shimaaji sushi (3pcs)S$21.00
Hirame sushi (3pcs)S$18.00
Grade A bafun uni sushi (3pcs)S$48.80
Hon akami sushi (3pcs)S$22.00
Otoro sushi (3pcs)S$42.00
Chu toro sushi (3pcs)S$38.80
Aburi foie gras with uni (3pcs)S$32.80
Botan ebi sushi (3pcs)S$54.00
Amaebi sushi (3pcs)S$24.00
Shake sushi (3pcs)S$9.80
Maguro sushi (3pcs)S$9.80
Kanpachi sushi (3pcs)S$21.00
Hotate sushi (3pcs)S$15.00
Shake belly sushi (3pcs)S$11.80
Kajiki sushi 3pcsS$9.80
Unagi sushi 3pcsS$12.80
Ikura sushi 3pcsS$14.80
Shime saba sushi 3pcsS$9.80
Yaki engawa sushi 3pcsS$21.00
Aburi shake sushi 3pcsS$10.80
Aburi hotate sushi 3pcsS$10.80
Aburi shime saba sushi 3pcsS$9.80
Aburi toro sushi 3pcsS$42.00
Aburi foie gras sushi 3pcsS$15.80
Aburi omi gyu sushi 3pcsS$30.80
Aburi amaebi mentaiko sushi 3pcsS$24.80
Aburi shake mentaiko 3pcsS$12.80
Aburi kanpachi mentaiko 3pcsS$21.80
Ebi sushi 3pcsS$9.80
Tako sushi 3pcsS$6.80
Tobiko sushi 3pcsS$9.80
Ika sushi 3pcsS$6.80
Tamago sushi 3pcsS$6.00
Inari sushi 3pcsS$4.80

Makimono Menu Prices

Ebi Tempura MakiS$15.00
Spider MakiS$15.00
Ura MakiS$14.00
Spicy Tuna MakiS$12.00
Negi Toro MakiS$24.80
Yakiniku (wagyu) maki (8pcs)S$29.80
Tekka MakiS$11.00
Spicy Shake MakiS$12.00
Negi Shake MakiS$11.00
Unakyu makiS$12.00
Spicy kanpachi makiS$12.00
Negi kanpachi makiS$11.00
Avocado makiS$8.00
Kappa MakiS$6.00
Oshinko MakiS$6.00
Natto makiS$6.00
Tamago makiS$8.00
Akashi Menu And Price Singapore menupricess.com
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Temaki Menu Prices

Negi toro temakiS$15.00
Spicy tuna temakiS$12.00
Spicy kanpachi temakiS$13.00
Unakyu temakiS$10.00
Maguro temakiS$10.00
Spicy shake temakiS$12.00
Spider temakiS$8.00
California temakiS$6.00
Ebi tempura temakiS$6.00
Shake kawa temakiS$6.00
Tamago temakiS$6.00
Kyuri temakiS$4.00
Avocado temakiS$8.00

A La Carte Menu Prices

Tebasaki tempura 4pcsS$16.00
Tokobushi 3pcs
Simmered japanese baby abalone (45g~50g per pc)
Tebasaki (2 skewer)S$12.00
Kinki shioyakiS$78.00
Kinki nitsukeS$78.00
Tamago sandoS$15.00
Gindara MisozukeS$32.80
Gindara TeriyakiS$32.80
Lamb chop (2pcs)S$30.00
Tenderloin steak cubes (150g)S$40.00
Wagyu steakS$72.00
Omi gyu steak (100g)S$88.00
Omigyu kushiyaki (1 skewer)S$40.00
Chicken KatsuS$16.20
Beinasu dengakuS$18.80
Tonkatsu (Kurobuta)S$20.20
Shake TeriyakS$18.20
Satsumaimo tempuraS$12.80
Tempura MoriawaseS$25.00
Kama ShioyakS$35.00
Yari Ika ShioyakiS$18.00
Kama ShioyakiS$35.00
Yari Ika ShioyakiS$18.00
Ebi Miso YakiS$15.00
Agedashi TofuS$9.00
Tori karaageS$16.20
Ebi TempuraS$20.00
Tori tsukune (1 skewer)S$8.00
Butabara shioyaki (2 skewer)S$12.00
Ton toro shioyaki (2 skewer)S$12.00
Fukahire chawanmushiS$18.00
Kurobuta yakiS$15.00
Ebi shinjo (2pcs)S$14.00
Soft Shell CrabS$12.00
Yasai satsuma age (12 slices)S$10.00
Unagi kabayakiS$28.00
Yasai itameS$12.00
Ebi gyoza (8pcs)S$13.00
Yaki satsumaimo (150g~170g)
Grilled japanese sweet potato (150g~170g)
Shake atama shio (2pcs)S$18.00
Nama hotate misoyakiS$15.00
Nama hotate batayakiS$15.00
Matcha azuki cakeS$8.80
Matcha crepe cakeS$6.50
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Chinmi Appetizer Menu Prices

Fugu Mirin BoshiS$12.00
Amela tomato 2pcsS$18.00
Avocados SaradaS$15.00
Tatami iwashiS$12.00
Yaki tarabouS$10.00
Kawa EbiS$10.00
Sakura EbiS$12.00
Shirauo TempuraS$10.00
Pitan TofuS$10.00
Dashimaki TamagoS$8.00
Mizuna Tomato SaradaS$14.00

Vegetarian Menu Prices

Amela tomato 2pcsS$18.00
Beinasu dengakuS$18.00
Avocados SaradaS$15.00
Mizuna Tomato Sarada (vegetarian)S$14.00
Satsumaimo shioyaki (vegetarian)S$17.00
Yasai itame (vegetarian)S$10.00
Agedashi tofu (vegetarian)S$9.00
Hiyayako (vegetarian)S$8.00
Enoki tofu (vegetarian)S$8.00
Yaki shiitake moriawase (vegetarian)S$18.00
Kakiage tempura (vegetarian)S$15.00
Nori chazukeS$8.00
Ume chazukeS$8.00

Rice Menu Prices

Kaisen zosuiS$16.80
Pork cutlet fried riceS$12.20
Yaki MeshiS$9.00
Ninniku Yaki MeshiS$9.00
Shake ZousuiS$12.00
Nori chazukeS$8.00
Ume chazukeS$8.00

Noodle & Soup Menu Prices

Gyu Niku Inaniwa UdonS$20.00
Akashi yaki kani ramenS$12.00
Kake udonS$10.00
Ishikari ziruS$6.00
Kaisen misoshiruS$16.00
Gyo somenS$16.00
Akashi yaki ramenS$8.00

Sake Menu Prices

Hiryu 720mlS$148.00
Sagaminada 720mlS$120.00
Yamawa 720mlS$148.00
Watarai 720mlS$180.00
Azumaichi 720mlS$280.00
Hanahubuki 720mlS$90.00
Fukucho Junmai GinjoS$52.50
Edokaijo Doburoku (unfiltered)
Umeshu 720mlS$80.00
Watarai 1.8LS$450.00

Beverages Menu Prices

Royal milk tea
Calamansi Juice 280mlS$2.50
Cranberry Juice 280mlS$2.50
Guinness Stout 320ml CanS$8.00
Kirin Ichiban Beer Pint 2 + 1 (330ml)S$16.00
Tiger Beer Pint 2 + 1 (330ml)S$16.00
Yu Cha 300mlS$7.40
Fresh Orange Juice 340mlS$8.20
Fresh Apple Juice 340mlS$8.20
Fresh Sour Sop Juice 320mlS$7.20
Oolong Tea 300ml CanS$4.80
7-Up 300ml CanS$3.80
Coke No Sugar 320ml CanS$2.80
Coke 320ml CanS$2.80
Homemade Ice Lemon Tea 320mlS$5.80
Singha Soda Water 325mlS$5.80

Note:- We can’t guarantee that the menu prices we have provided are 100% correct and may not apply to all locations of a given business brand. Please contact the official restaurant location of interest to you for menu prices of restaurants, cafes, etc.

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Akashi Contact Details

Akashi AddressN/A
Akashi Email AddressN/A
Akashi Phone NumberN/A
Akashi Contact FormN/A
Akashi Official Websiteakashi.com.sg

Akashi Social Profiles

InstagramVisit Now
Video By Jicatering Vincenzo

FAQs Related To Akashi

Who owns Akashi?

Larry Chi owns Akashi.

When did Akashi originate?

Akashi originated in the year 1995.

Who started Akashi?

Larry Chi and his wife Barbara started Akashi.

Is Akashi a franchise?

No, Akashi is not a franchise.

Where is Akashi headquarters?

Akashi headquarters is in Frontier, Singapore.

So, this was all about the Akashi Menu Prices and we have also mentioned some other details about the restaurant which will be useful to you. Thanks for visiting menupricess.com, we wish you a nice meal.

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